Memory Alone

Available for publication, 65,000 words

At eighteen, Vanessa Sommer landed a role in a hit TV show just as her family was falling apart. Her younger sister Bree escaped another way—through drugs. Ten years later, Bree’s heroin habit has become so bad she could die of an overdose any day.

Back then Vanessa did not know that Bree was being sexually abused by their stepfather and a family friend. The guilt Vanessa feels for not noticing—and stopping—the abuse leads her to sign them up for a secret procedure that enables two people to exchange all their memories. 

This radical step turns their lives topsy turvy. Each sister struggles to establish a new identity. Unable to cope, they undergo an even more risky procedure that leaves one of them in a coma. But surviving this ordeal forces them to make peace with each other and the past.